Universal ISO Disc Mount Fixture

Universal ISO Disc Mount Fixture

First time Incepi customers will receive a free ISO disc tab of their choice and a free dummy axle of their choice with the purchase of a universal ISO fixture. The dummy axle must be one of the following standard types:

Fork axle: 100x9 QR, 100x12 through axle or 100x15 through axle. 

Frame axle: 135x10 QR or 142x12 through axle.

After the purchase is completed please send an email to describe your choice. info@incepi.net

A Universal Fixture for attaching ISO disc brake mounts to any bicycle frame or fork. The Universal ISO fixture is the only ISO fixture available that attaches ISO disc tabs to both the frame and the fork. You get two fixtures for the price of one. You will need a front or rear dummy axle, or both. Two 4mm spacers are provided free with every Universal fixture to provide proper spacing for locating disc tabs onto a fork.

The new design features a clamp instead of a set screw. The clamp allows you to use a variety of 3/4" OD dummy axles, including those made by Incepi, Paragon Machine Works The Bicycle Academy, and Alex Meade.

Incepi recommends the 2mm spacer kit if you are building forks with through axle dropouts and ISO mounts.