Technical Documents

Technical Documents-Axle, Hub and Rotor Positions

April 11, 2020 Eric Meinert

Incepi fixtures reference the end face of the axle for proper positioning. Spacers are provided for standard or typical sizes (100mm OLD fork 135mm/142mm OLD frame). These spacers are for convenience only and are not necessary for fixture positioning. With many axle, hub and rotor options, Shimano documents will help you decide which spacing is appropriate. Relevant Shimano documents are included with the purchase of any fixture. Please contact Incepi for clarification or assistance with any fixture offset questions.      

So far so good

April 23, 2015 Eric Meinert

Incepi is currently transitioning from a Kickstarter project to an online business. So far so good, but there's nothing particularly interesting to report at this time.