Flat Mount Fixture Fork Plate

Flat Mount Fixture Fork Plate

NOTE: Incepi tool geometry is based on official Shimano location geometry only.

Incepi Flat Mount 160mm and 180mm locations are not derived from reverse engineered adapters and calipers. They are not taken from unofficial websites or blogs. There are significant differences between the official Shimano location geometry and the geometry used by some other tool providers. The variation is well beyond the tolerances required by Shimano. This difference could cause brake calipers to be mounted outside of Shimano location tolerances.

The fork plate attaches to the Incepi flatmount fixture. It is compatible with the original Incepi flat mount fixture and the most recent design. When used with the Incepi 160mm-180mm position adapter, it allows for caliper mounts to be attached to forks in the correct position for 160mm and 180mm rotors.

Despite it's simple appearance it is very precise. A simple and inexpensive solution from Incepi.