3/4" Dummy Axles

3/4" Dummy Axles

Incepi dummy axles are available in the option of your choice. All axles are 0.75" OD.

Traditional Axles

Traditional axles are precision ground 1045 cold rolled steel with M6 threaded ends.

Traditional axles in stock are:

135mm length for 10mm dropouts

100mm length for 9mm dropouts

Ask about other sizes. Other sizes are the same price as the standard sizes listed.  

 Through Axles

142mm x 12mm and 100mm x 15mm standard dummy axles are also available as standard sizes. They are made from carbon steel. The ends are not threaded. Framebuilders can use their choice of 12mm or 15mm through axle/through bolt, depending on the dropout thread system and axle length. You can use the through axle from a hub. Paragon Machine Works supplies through axles for framebuilders as well.

Incepi through axle dummy axles are toleranced for a close sliding fit on the through axle, ensuring that your dropouts are located correctly(ID on 12mm or 15mm is + - 0.003"). Incepi adjustable skewers are recommended for Incepi through axle dummy axles, especially if you are brazing.

Ask about other sizes. Contact Incepi for pricing and availability. All dummy axles are available at the same price as the standard sizes listed. Incepi has supplied sizes from 100mm to 197mm, in all configurations, for slotted dropouts and through axle dropouts.

Add them to your cart and checkout. Then send Incepi an email describing the sizes you want. Or send an email first.