Adjustable 12mm and 15mm Dummy Axle Skewers

Adjustable 12mm and 15mm Dummy Axle Skewers


Universal through axle skewers for Incepi dummy axles. 12mm and 15mm diameter. Thread option of your choice. Adjustable to mimic any skewer length!

The only dummy axle system that correctly duplicates the through axle assembly exactly as it was designed. Skewer threads engage with dropout threads only. Non threaded features engage with non threaded features only.

17-4 PH rods and steel adjusters can handle high temperatures. The fit between rod and axle is VERY close. There is no discernible movement. 

Available standard threads are M12x1.0, M12x1.5, M12x1.75, M15x1.5. Select the quantity you require and send an email to specify diameter and thread pitch.  If you require another thread pitch please specify.

The photo shows Incepi 12mm and 15mm framebuilding skewers next to DT Swiss 12mm and 15mm skewers.