1.0mm Axle Spacers. Anodized aluminum.

1.0mm Axle Spacers. Anodized aluminum.

Precision axle spacers allow you to extend dummy axle length. Any standard dummy axle can be made 2mm longer to allow for springback after welding.

All spacers are 0.750" OD. All are 1.0mm thick, +- 0.001". Inside diameters are 9mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm.

Available for traditional dummy axles with 9mm or 10mm ends, or for through axle dummy axles using 12mm or 15mm skewers. Use them on all of your dummy axles so you don't need to purchase nominal length and extended length versions. 

They can also be used as spacers for wheelbuilding.

Sold in pairs.