Disc Mount Fixtures, Dummy Axles and Skewers

Flat Mount Block for ISO Fixture Body

Flat Mount Block for ISO Fixture Body

This fixture attachment provides correct caliper mount positions for frames. The  fixture body is sold separately.

This flat mount block is used to attach flat mount caliper mounts to a bicycle frame. It attaches to a standard Incepi fixture. The design geometry is for 140mm rotors(or 160mm rotors with standard industry adapter). 

The flat mount block is for frames. A simple plate attachment is available for forks(sold separately). The frame block has two pairs of raised features which lock into the caliper mounting slots, keeping them parallel and preventing rotation during welding or brazing. The features are 34mm apart, and in the correct position relative to the axle as per bicycle industry standards. Any standard flat mount caliper mounts may be used. They may be purchased from Paragon Machine Works other suppliers, or made by the framebuilder. 

Please note that only the block is sold for $75.00 The fixture body is purchased separately.