140mm-160mm Post Mount Disc Brake Fixture

140mm-160mm Post Mount Disc Brake Fixture
140mm and 160mm Post Mount disc tab mounting fixture
What sets the Incepi Post mount fixture apart?
The small mounting block fits into any rear triangle, no matter how compact the geometry. 
The fixture provides the strength and rigidity you need to hold the tab in place during welding or brazing. At the same time, the form factor is minimal, so the fixture does not obstruct the welding or brazing torch. The compact mounting block is very stiff and does not flex or twist during brazing or welding. It is secured using precision ground shoulder bolts to ensure proper positioning. The main body of the fixture is also very rigid. The clamp uses an M6 thread, which can be tightened securely. The clamp bore can accommodate dummy axles from various suppliers and still maintain precision and accuracy. This Post Mount Jig requires a 3/4"(0.750" or 19.05mm) precision dummy axle. 
The fixture is available in two versions. One for 140mm and160mm rotors and one for 180mm and 203mm rotors. The 180mm-203mm version is slightly larger. Otherwise, they are identical. 

The tab mounting holes are 74.2mm apart, and in the correct position relative to the axle as per bicycle industry standards. With the fixture in FRONT mode(with included spacer), a disc tab can be attached to a fork. With the fixture in REAR mode(with included spacer), a disc tab can be attached to a frame. Any standard Post Mount tab may be used, and may be purchased from other suppliers or made by the framebuilder. 

Photos of installations can be seen on the Incepi Instagram page